Softpulse Infotech introducing MobiApp: The all in One Shopify Mobile App Builder Tool

October 06, 2020

The eCommerce industry growing at an immeasurable pace. And the situation of Covid-19 has even boosted the eCommerce demand. More and more users are moving towards eCommerce. And mobile eCommerce is playing a key role in the transition. The users are preferring to use mobile to perform online shopping. Here we have discussed the importance of the mobile app and services of Softpulse Infotech.

Ecommerce mobile app: The new norm

Over 67% of eCommerce sales worldwide are coming from mobile devices. The business presence on mobile is becoming crucial. And there nothing better than the dedicated mobile apps. There is a mobile app for performing every task.

Even Amazon has made our habitat of using an app for online shopping. The users are also expecting the same level of services as Amazon from the small scale retailers. The mobile eCommerce is the new norm that has delivered the best outcomes to the businesses.

The benefits of having an eCommerce mobile app

The mobile apps deliver a solid experience of shopping. The native mobile features such as GPS, voice search, camera, etc can be leveraged to develop intuitive features in the app. With the help of GPS, the businesses will be able to showcase whether the product delivery is available in the locality of the shoppers or not. The delivery time can also be given.

The voice product search is also a unique feature available only on a few of the leading eCommerce apps. Access to the camera can also deliver a wide variety of features to the shoppers. The performance of the mobile app is simply immeasurable. The websites can not outperform dedicated mobile apps.

The mobile app gives businesses an edge in business marketing too. With the mobile app, businesses can send unlimited push notifications. With engaging content, the highest clicks and conversions can be achieved. And mobile apps help a lot in conducting personalized marketing campaigns. The businesses can showcase the customized product lists according to the likings & interests of the shoppers.

About MobiApp

Softpulse Infotech is introducing a Shopify app named MobiApp. The app helps businesses in creating a custom mobile app for their Shopify store. The app is available on the Shopify app store. MobiApp comes with a drag & drop mobile app builder tool. Creating an app is like a breeze with this tool.

The mobile app will be in direct sync with the Shopify store. All important store data will be automatically added to the app. The store owners will be complete in charge of the app creation process too. They can create an app by themselves. And with the drag and drop functionality, they can add blocks, images, text, links, videos, etc however & wherever they want.

The functionalities of multiple currencies & languages are also included in the app. The app also comes with support for creating the perfect web push notifications. With the use of attractive content copies and graphics, the highest notification engagement can be generated.

The business owners can play around with all different app layouts, color schemes, font layouts, etc. And make their final choice once they are completely satisfied with the look & feel of the app. And the app file can be generated in minutes, and within a few days, your stunning mobile app will be ready to go live on Android & iOS app stores.

It's time to give a new identity to your business. Give a much-needed boost to your mobile conversions. Attract more mobile users to your business. Deliver the absolute best experience of interacting with your brand. It's time to create a unique mobile app and deliver the absolute best for your business. For MobiApp inquiries, contact the team of Softpulse Infotech at [email protected].