Mobile App Development Trends Ruling the Industry in 2020

October 10, 2020

The evolution of the smartphone industry has shown some of the most rapid improvements for mankind. The trends in smartphones and all the related industries are changing every day. Every year, smartphone companies are coming up with several hardware improvements.

This leads to rapid changes in the app development industry too. The trends of the app development industry get changed every year. And such trends become the new norm for users. They expect businesses to create an app using such trends.

Following the latest app development trends while creating the mobile app helps businesses drive more engagement through the app. So here we have discussed the top app development trends that will rule the industry in 2020.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

The advancements in the artificial intelligence industry have changed the course of mankind. The combination of AI & machine learning has changed the course of human industry. All the industrial sectors are getting benefitted from AI & machine learning.

And the software & mobile app development industry is no exception. They have changed the way we used to live. With AI & machine learning-enabled app, we can enable the most intuitive features in the app. By learning the habits & interests of the users, the best business benefits can be leveraged. And the best-personalized experience for the users can be delivered.

Leverage 5G technology

Several companies around the globe are trying their hands on 5G technologies. The 5G technology comes with so many benefits for the end-users. The boost in the internet speed of 5G technology can help developers a lot in implementing the whole new functionalities in the app.

The 5G technologies will give the speed bandwidths speeds up to 100 GB/s. The app developers better take the 5G to the advantage of the apps developed by them. According to the predictions, the 5G technology infrastructure will see the massive investments of 2.3 billion USD by 2021.


The chatbots are the AI-powered programs designed to answer the majority of the customer queries without the interfere of the human. The customers can solve all their queries and complaints within seconds with this chat-based tool. The majority of the companies are relying on this functionality.

The technology is replacing humans in several customer service aspects. The app developers can implement the functionality of the chatbots for their apps. They can become the best tool for customer relationship management. And the users also love such functionalities.

Integration with wearable devices

Just a few years back, wearable devices were considered as a luxury, and today they have become the most common utility. The cheap fitness bands and cost-friendly smartwatches are being used by many users. The fitness bands have emerged as highly used smart devices by users.

Integrating the mobile app with such smart devices will get a great response from the end-users. Consumers love such innovative features. Features like getting app notification on the wearable device and controlling a few functionalities of the app from the wearable screen will attract shoppers a lot.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AI & machine learning are already shown their tremendous potential. The business, as well as end consumers, are already benefitting a lot from the AI & ML. Now the industry is eyeing on Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. Even many businesses have already implemented them in their business apps.

The eye care industry is already using AR in their apps. They are letting users try frames & goggles using on the virtual face shape of the users. The home decore & luxury industry is also implementing these features in their apps. The users will be able to check out how the home decor & furniture piece looks in the real-time application at their homes & offices through their smartphone camera.

Internet of Things

The IoT is also becoming more like a norm. The giants like Amazon and Google are investing a big chunk in such technologies. In a short time, we will be able to control every device at our home through the smartphone. The Google Home & Amazon Echo is a great example of such technologies.

More and more companies are getting into such technologies. And just a few years down the line, every single device at our homes will be connected. From your workspace, you will be able to control the lighting, locks, or any other appliance from your smartphone. If you are into such a business, it's time to start leveraging such technologies for your gadgets as well as mobile apps.

Continuously improving app security standards

With the advancements of technology, the threats of the data breach & theft are increasing. The millions of account credentials are being hacked every day. In recent times, many celebrities & politicians have reported the hacking of their social accounts. With the mobile app, you will have access to the confidential user data of thousands of users. Those data must be stored on secured servers.

The technology companies are also implementing better cybersecurity standards to secure user data. If you are getting into the mobile app development, then please make sure that your user data is secure and is not going into the wrong hands.

So, where should I start from all these hi-tech trends?

Well, all the trends that we have mentioned above are very advanced.
Implementing them for your business will require handsome investments. If you are just getting into the app development for your business, you can start with basics too. Once your business is scaled up, you can notch up your investments and include the advanced functionalities in your app.

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We hope that you are aware of all the mobile app development trends now. While creating a new mobile app, keep all of them in mind. And if you need any assistance with your mobile app, feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading!