The MobiApp make everything the easiest form

Let your business get benefitted by the intuitive features of MobiApp

Product Wishlist

Give your shoppers the best experience of shopping

Having a feature of the wish list in the mobile app helps shoppers a lot. It allows them to create a customized list of products. When shoppers see any interesting product, they can save it in Wishlist to buy it for later. It signifies the customer's interest in products.

And with the wishlist, shoppers will have more reason to open your business app. If any of your products are out of stock, customers can simply save them in the wishlist to purchase for later. Hence, you won't lose customers due to product unavailability.

Product Cart

The best customization possibilities of product cart

The attractive UI of the product cart improves the shopping experience of the users. All the in cart products will be visible on one single page. MobiApp's product cart UI simplifies the purchases of the shoppers.

The cart showcases a detailed view of the product with a large image and in a minimal format. The shoppers will be able to see the whole list of the product without any hassle. The layered navigation with an attractive graphic attracts shoppers and improves the ease of using your app. And it ultimately redefines the overall experience of using your mobile app.

Customer Order

User-friendly customer ordering system

With MobiApp, we have made sure that the users get all the important features and functionalities with ease. With the accurate placement of the order tab, the users will be able to keep the track of their orders on the go. It adds a lot to the overall experience of using your app.

The order tab will showcase all the orders in one place. The crucial order details such as order date, quantity, price, shipping details, address, etc will be accessible within a few clicks. And with the easy-to-use UI, things get pretty easy for the shoppers.

Quickest Checkout

Instant checkouts mean higher conversions

The checkout has always been the most crucial tip of conversion rate optimization. Online marketers have always praised quickest checkouts as the best way to drive more sales and conversions. With MobiApp, you will have the most secure and quickest checkout option.

The team has designed it a way that the shoppers will love the overall experience of shopping with you. We have kept it away from all the friction. With the secured payments of Shopify and the clean checkouts, the conversion of the business will see the much-needed boost.

Push Notification

Ping your shoppers the right way and drive more sales

No longer need to rely on the subscriber to click the allow button. With the mobile app, you are completely in charge of when and how many push notifications to send. This modern-day marketing technique has shown immense results for the businesses.

Create the most engaging push notification that drives the highest conversion and sales. Let your shoppers know your new product announcements, sales, and discounts in a better way. Leverage the notification copies and graphics to it's absolute best. Use the best marketing technique for the betterment of your business.

Multiple languages

Connect with your shoppers surpassing all the barriers

For international businesses, language could be a barrier to connecting with shoppers. And the shoppers themselves may also find difficulty in understanding the native language of the business owner. Hence with MobiApp, we have solved this problem.

The shoppers will be incomplete in charge of selecting the app language. As of now, we have added two languages in the MobiApp. And in the future upgrades, many more language support will be added by the team.

Currency switcher

Sell products in the preferred currency of the shoppers

Giving more preference options has always been a great way of attracting sales. And when it comes to product prices and payments, it gets really crucial. With MobiApp, we have given the option to select all the leading currencies around the globe.

All the international business holders will be able to sell products according to the preferred currency of the shopper. There will be a currency selection button in the app settings to select the preferred one. And the business owners can add/remove currencies from the MobiApp mobile app builder tool.