Do you Really Need a Mobile App for Shopify Store? X Obvious Reasons

October 01, 2020

Shopify indeed is one of the great platforms for creating the eCommerce website. The platform gives you all the freedom, flexibility, support, and functionality to attract shoppers. Then why do we need a dedicated mobile app for your mobile users?

Well, the reasons are the obvious ones. The time is changing. The smartphones are becoming the most essential part of our lives. 81% of the population owns a smartphone. And the majority out of them are directly relying on phones for online shopping. Giving them a dedicated mobile app will surely improve their experience.

And the expectations of users from the brands are also changing. The shopping experience from a giant like Amazon makes users expect the same services for the small business holders too. Hence to solve the confusion of the store owners, here we have prepared a detailed blog post on why does the Shopify store owners need a mobile app? So without further due, let's get started.

Mobile commerce is on the rise

The total sales made from mobile devices have seen a much more rise then the desktop. 67% of the eCommerce sales directly comes from smartphones. They are getting better & better every day. With the compact form factor of the smartphone, the users do not need to sit in front of the computer to purchase their favorite products.

With a mobile phone, they can do online shopping wherever and however they want. Hence it is getting very crucial to tap the largest market of smartphone users. Hence giving them a dedicated mobile app to shop from you will surely increase the conversion & sales of your business.

The rise in mobile technologies

The mobile devices are replacing computer desktops. People are spending more time on mobile devices than desktop computers. And when it comes to searching about their favorite products on the internet, 70% are using mobile. And if we consider Shopify or any other eCommerce CMS, the experience of using the mobile website on the smartphone not the same as the app.

The mobile version of the website simply can not deliver the same experience as a desktop. Comparing different products on mobile devices become tedious tasks compared to a desktop. With the dedicated mobile app, all such problems can be efficiently solved. And the users will have a flawless experience of shopping from you.

The direct boost of sales & conversion

The dedicated mobile apps could be the best ways of improving your sales & conversion. The mobile app comes with a functionality of push notifications. The tasks such as abandoned cart recovery and personalized marketing campaigns can be completed with ease using the unlimited push notification.

Even with the targetted social media ads, great ROIs can be generated for your mobile app. The mobile apps indeed become the best way of marketing and attract your shoppers. And these all techniques lead to a much-needed boost of sales & conversion for the business.

Better performance & offline capabilities

When we compare the performance of a native mobile app with mobile-friendly websites, the native mobile app will simply outperform the websites. The user will have much more independence while making a purchase decision through a mobile app.

The businesses will be able to provide many more features to the users. Several user data will be stored on the user's device. And several app features will be even operational in the offline mode too. The freedom and functionality of using the mobile app won't be availed through a web store. Hence the overall experience of using the mobile app becomes much enjoyable for the shoppers.

Get an edge over your competitor

Some of your niche competitors may not have a mobile app. So you also won't focus on creating one for yourself. Instead, you will put all your resources into creating a better website than your competitor. And in fact, there is no denying the fact that your website should look good. But try focusing on a wider perspective here.

Every eCommerce store on the planet is directly in competition with Amazon. This eCommerce giant may not have a product set like yours, but they surely have an edge in delivering the overall shopping experience. Any shoppers would buy from you with the expectation of standards the same as Amazon. And having a native mobile app will surely give you an edge over them.

Personalized experience of shopping

When the suppliers implement personalization, shopping becomes fun. The customers will get the list of their favorite products and recommendations in one place. And the probability of sales will also increase. Now when it comes to mobile-friendly websites, customization is possible, yes. But with the mobile app, it turns into a completely different story.

The businesses will be able to track user's browsing & purchase history. And by combining the customization & engaging app push notification strategy, the highest number of notification clicks, engagement, and sales can be generated.

Now, here is the most effective way of creating the mobile app

Now let us introduce to a tool that will help you create a stunning mobile app without writing a single line of code. MobiApp is a drag & drop mobile app builder tool for Shopify. The store owner will be complete in charge of the look & feel of the app. The app can be created as per the preference of the store owner. And within a few minutes, the app file will be generated.

And in the shortest time, the app will be ready to go live. The attractive UI & UX of the app are specially designed to appeal to the likings of the user. The ease of using the app has always been the main motive behind creating this app. To know more about the MobiApp tool, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

The bottom line

The mobile app has always been the best way of generating user engagement, conversion, and sales. Moreover, now you should be convinced that having a business mobile app does really help businesses to grow. We hope this article has helped to clear your doubts about creating a mobile app. And thanks for reading till the end and we hope to see you around for our next blog posts too!!!