7 Proven Reason: Creating a Mobile App will Help you Grow your Business

October 01, 2020

Now there are no doubts about the power of eCommerce. Ecommerce is indeed the future of all the retail sales. However, the presence of your eCommerce business on mobile devices is also equally important. And to strengthen your mobile presence, having a mobile app solution is quite necessary.

For desktop users, your website will serve its purpose. But for smartphones, a native mobile app is becoming a necessity. Many eCommerce store owners these days are still juggling between different marketing strategies to drive more sales and failing due to the unavailability of the app. In this blog post, we will give you seven convincing reasons to have a native mobile app for your business.

Better brand recognition

Having a native mobile app delivers better brand recognition. It automatically creates a better impression of your brand. It makes a long-lasting impression on the minds of shoppers. They engage better with the native mobile app than the website.

The shoppers will be able to share their experience of using your app on the app stores. You will be present in front of them 24/7. Your app icon on their screen will be a constant reminder of your business. This ultimately leads to better brand recognition, sales, conversion, and overall better business growth.

Overall better experience and increased revenue

The mobile apps are proven to deliver a solid user experience. The mobile-friendly websites simply can not deliver the flawlessness and feeling of interacting with your brand. By connecting your social media handles to the smartphone, overall better experience of using your app can be leveraged.

You can ask users for sharing their experience of using your app. You can mention them in your app, on websites, and social media. And if you are delivering an overall better experience of shopping, the shoppers will surely love to mention their reviews. It ultimately results in better brand value and leads to more sales, conversion, and revenue for your business.

Better marketing opportunities

Having a native mobile app comes with a better marketing opportunity. The mobile app itself helps you deliver more features to the shoppers. The highly praised strategy like push notification helps you increase your marketing efforts. With web push notification, the businesses get an immense power of attracting sales.

The engaging content copies & graphics of the push notification will be the deciding factor in driving sales. With web push notification, announce new offers, discounts, new products, and other business announcements the right way. Moreover, users engage better with push notifications. And the mobile app offers better web push notification functionality. Which ultimately leads to better sales.

Connect better with customer

Worldwide over 2.6 billion users have smartphones in their hands. The smartphones are emerging as a better source of sales then websites. The mobile apps will work as an online salesman of your business, perfectly configured to deliver it's best. And unlike human sales representatives, there won't be any mood swings and performance variation.

The app will be ready to serve your shoppers whenever and wherever they want. The users will be able to check out their favorite products as many times as they want inside the app. The marketers have seen a huge rise in their sales by having a robust mobile app.

The time demands such progress

The times are changing. Gone are the days when the businesses were solely relying on the ordinary eCommerce stores. The users these days always demands something extra. The means of engaging with any business are changing. The users are getting smarter. They want a better experience.

The experience of shopping from giants like Amazon has made them expect the same service from small-scale businesses too. Hence rather than only relying on the ordinary online store, having a robust mobile app will impress shoppers. And it ultimately delivers better service satisfaction to the shoppers.

More data acquisition & analytic capability

The users may feel hesitant to enter their email address on the website. In many cases, they won't even allow push notifications. On the other hand, with the mobile app, it's a completely different story. By creating the user profile in the app, they will provide their accurate information open-heartedly. The businesses will have information such as the user's phone number, email ID, age, gender, etc.

And with a native mobile app, a better analytic capability also comes. Using google analytics, businesses will be able to track various user information.

  • They will have a count of daily, weekly, and monthly active users.
  • User information such as age, demographics, device type, device OS, etc can be known very easily.
  • The list and percentage of acquisition channels that have directed users to you.
  • Total successful transection & revenues from the app.
  • And the list goes on and on. The businesses have the highest amount of user data to leverage it for the better marketing efforts of the business.

Better visibility

With the mobile app, your eCommerce business will be visible to the users throughout the day. The users spend the majority of their time on smartphone apps. With the right marketing tactics, you can drive traffic to your app. Sending the right push notification, to the right user, at the right time will trigger the user to open the app.

And with the great UI & UX, the users can be engaged better. It leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of the shoppers. Try to answer all the user queries inside the app. Create a detailed FAQ page. In short, deliver the brand experience that lasts longer. And let your business benefit the most out of it.

Well, how do I create an app for my eCommerce business?

This is where the development agencies like us come into play. Creating a great mobile app experience has got easier like never before. With MobiApp, you can create a mobile app as per your terms. It is a mobile app builder tool that helps businesses create an app without writing even a single line of code.

With MobiApp, your app will be created within minutes. And in the shortest time possible, the app will be ready to go live on the app stores. Wanna know more, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected].

The bottom line

52% of the online orders are being done by mobiles. A few years down the line, the smartphones will be the deciding factor in the success of the business. I hope this blog post will help you understand all the benefits of having a robust mobile app solution. Thanks for reading till the end. And we hope to see you around in our future blog posts too!!!