5 Coolest Ways to Increase Ecommerce Mobile App User Retention & Engagement

October 01, 2020

In the eCommerce marketplace, it is tough to achieve decent mobile app downloads. And it is even tougher to engage and retain those users. They may have somehow come across your app and download it. But, What if they find it uninteresting? The users won't think twice before uninstalling your app.

Your app should be interesting enough for the users. They should find a reason to continue exploring the app. And ultimately the app should be able to convert app installers into the shoppers. In this blog post, we will discuss the five coolest ways to increase mobile app user retention & increase Engagement. So without further due, let's get started.

Remember you have got only one chance

When it comes to smartphone apps, we tend to forget about un-interesting apps very quickly. Let us explain it by giving the example of ourselves. When we download any new app, if we find the app interesting, then in the majority of the cases, the conversion of any kind of interaction with the app will take place during the first three days.

If we don't find the app interesting, then we will forget about the app. And it will rest in our phones for the remaining life. And when clean up the app drawer, all such apps will get uninstalled. In short, the first 2 to 3 days are crucial. Try engaging with shoppers as much as you can during this time. There are many strategies to attract shoppers during those times. Here are a few of the highly trusted ones.

Simple onboarding process

The onboarding process plays a very crucial role in deciding the fate of the app on any user's phone. The onboarding process should be easier and quicker. All the key action buttons and important texts should be highlighted properly. Here are key tips in creating the perfect onboarding process.

  • The lesser staps involved in the sign-up process, the more chance of higher conversion and lesser abandonments.
  • Explaining key app features & functionality is a good idea but keep it shorter and simpler.
  • Sign up should be easier. And if it is not necessary, avoid them.

Push notifications will be the best bet

The push notifications will be the best friend while converting the app users. This is the beauty of having a mobile app. The business owners get the power to send unlimited push notifications (Well, don't annoy users). With the machine learning algorithm, businesses can analyze user's usage patterns, likings, interests, different app usage timing, and much more information about the users.

And they create the most engaging notification copy and send them to the relevant users. It will be a great way to engage users out of the mobile app and attract traffic back to the app. However, don't irritate users by sending too many notifications. It may annoy them and your app install rate may increase. If the web push notifications are done right, it can deliver great results to the businesses.

Special rewards, loyalty programs, and offers for the users

The loyalty points, rewards, incentives, and special offers have become a great driving force of the engagement. Users love such initiatives. Create reward or loyalty programs that can trigger users to use and shop from you. And the experience of interacting with you during those times will define the user's loyalty to your brand.

Create attractive rewards programs that can attract users to make more and more purchases from the brand. The rewards and loyalty programs increase loyalty with your brand and also results in more user retention and more engagement.

Communicate with users

Communication is a great tool for solving any difficulties and mistakes. And when it comes to attracting engagement & retention, this could also be a great strategy. Users like being valued and appreciated. Create a two-way communication line inside the app. Thank users for using your app through it. Ask for their feedback through it.

It can also be used for knowing the pain points of the users. The problems they face while using your app, their experience, etc. The possibilities are limitless. If possible, a 24/7 customer support chat line can also be created through it. And as per the feedbacks of the users try to give a robust solution to it too. You can know your customers better with such features and the positive impacts will be visible on your app user retention, engagement, and conversions too.

Personalized experience

This could also be a great way of retaining & engaging your shoppers. According to stats, 91% of shoppers are more likely to convert when the brand provides personalized offers & recommendations. Users feel a personal connection with brands when they use customization. By creating the user segmentation, the brands can attract more shoppers by recommending personalized product lists.

Create a custom-tailored experience of interacting with your brand. Use the customer's names in the push notifications. Use engaging title lines to attract notification clicks. And have a custom landing page inside the app with the user's favorite products. It will attract more sales & conversion. And user retention & engagement will also increase.

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The bottom line

The user engagement in the eCommerce store is harder to gain but not impossible. The technology is growing. The businesses can know the interests, linking, usage patterns, etc, of the users. They can put this data to better use and get great business results out of it. We hope this article was helpful and helped you gain value out of it. Thanks for reading till the end. We hope to see you around in our upcoming blog posts too.